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How Would Our Founding Fathers Respect the American Flag Today?

How Would Our Founding Fathers Respect the American Flag Today?

December 6, 2019

The Founding Fathers of America founded this nation on beliefs of freedoms and moral values. They wanted us to have the right to choose how we practice those freedoms. Having laws restricting our rights was not what they envisioned; in fact, their philosophies are shown in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights. That is why when it comes to the symbolism that represents America, like the flag, our Founding Fathers give us the choice to decide how we respect and honor the flag.  Our great leaders would look at our flag today and see the invisible story it tells and all it has been...

Music Review: Dance Monkey Hot Pick for December

Music Review:  Dance Monkey Hot Pick for December

Alex Fullone, Staff Reporter

December 6, 2019

Dance Monkey is an Alternative or Indie song by 19 year-old Australian artist Tones & I. The song was released on May 10th, 2019 and has been huge all over the world, but seems to only now be getting noticed in the US. The song is about the artis'ts frustrations about how people’s patience has diminished due to modern technology where you’re typically just a swipe or a click away from whatever you may want to entertain yourselves. This is brought forth with lyrics like “and I’ll make you do it all again” which show the pressure of artists having to continue releasing singles in...

Lacawac joins the American Chestnut Research and Restoration Projec

Lacawac joins the American Chestnut Research and Restoration Projec

Sinclaire Ogof, Columnist

October 23, 2019

This spring and summer I had the opportunity to participate in a nationwide movement led by the American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) that is taking place right here at Lacawac Sanctuary. The goal of TACF is to restore the American chestnut (Castanea dentata) tree that once dominated and ranged greatly over the Northeastern forests. The tree species was stricken by a fungal blight, Cryphonectria parasitica, and almost vanished completely from the forests. The fungal pathogen was imported accidentally from Asia to the U.S. Once introduced, with no predators in the U.S., the pathogen was able to sprea...

Stepping out of the ‘Comfort Zone’ Essential to High School Theatre

Stepping out of the ‘Comfort Zone’ Essential to High School Theatre

March 27, 2019

Due to the individuality found in theater productions, it only makes sense that high schools, bent on making students feel safe and accepted, allow and even promote clubs to produce less of the drab and mundane shows typically seen and more of the unique, nontraditional, and exciting shows that changed the culture of theater.

NOW ON DVD: A look at old classics and new series on screens.

NOW ON DVD: A look at old classics and new series on screens.

Nicholas Valentin, Reporter

January 21, 2019

The winter season is rolling around the corner, so sit back, relax, and watch The Polar Express! The Polar Express captivated the hearts of children and adults with fantastic graphics, beautiful songs, and an amazing adventure that all kids will remember. The major reason why the movie rose to success is the new technology they used new performance-capture technology, which now holds a Guinness World Record or the first of its kind. The movie also boasts a wide cast of 25 people, which includes the minor characters, like the elves. The main kids, whose names are “Hero Boy”, “Hero Girl...

What  superstition or Halloween legend do you believe in?

What superstition or Halloween legend do you believe in?

October 30, 2018

"When you walk out of the house and walk back in, you need to look in the mirror for good luck."-Celeste Orchard, 10th grade   "Halloween reminds me of ghosts, and they scare me."-Gavin Lamberton, 12th grade   "A black cat passed my path as I walked under a ladder and broke a mirror."-Ed Sledzinski, 12th grade   "I strongly believe in ghosts and luck is very unlikely."-Emily Kosciuk, 11th grade   "I wear the same eye black every football game."-Derek Mason, 11th grade   "I do not believe in spiritual beings at all or luck.  Everything happens by chance, not luck."...

Editorial: Physical Education Shouldn’t Make the Grade

Editorial:  Physical Education Shouldn’t Make the Grade

Trey Wayman, Staff Reporter

February 9, 2018

In my opinion, a student’s GPA should not include grades from physical education.  A student’s GPA should be a reflection of the academic knowledge gained from their high school courses.  The grade should reflect the student’s mastery of subject material assessed in their courses.  Courses that include participation in their grading policy should not be factored in a GPA.  Participating in something does not prove accumulation of knowledge or skill and should be left out of the GPA.  Physical education courses are just one of these courses. Schools vary on how they grade physical...

Now on DVD

Abigail Gogolski and Cosette Talarico

November 12, 2017

Though Moana did not win any Oscars, it sure won a place in the hearts of families across the world.

An Open Letter to President Trump

An Open Letter to President Trump

April 6, 2017

A wise man once said, “Make America great again.” This casuist is you, and you have inspired many with your charismatic and entertaining speeches

Letters to the Editor- Feb. ’17

February 3, 2017

Dear Editor, Technology is a large part of our everyday lives.  Whether it is watching television, texting a friend, or looking up information, the need for technology is growing rapidly  Most schools only allow students to do their research on laptops provided; however, students have their very own source of information at the touch of a finger.  The prohibition of phones from school is preposterous.  Cell phones provide quick contact with family members in emergencies, as well as simpler methods to retrieve and save information when compared to school laptops. Laptops provided in school are often a hassle.  It is time-consuming when everyone in the classroom must grab one, log in and then research.  There is always the recurring issue of student logins not working which takes up even more time.  Woul...

Letters to the Editor, Nov. ’16

November 20, 2016

Dear Editor: The fact that we are not allowed to have phones in school is really frustrating. Something definitely needs to be changed. I understand that they are a distraction, but I also know that they are helpful.

Climate Change Key Election Issue

Jeffery Sauers, Guest Editorialist

November 2, 2016

Trump has a clearly naive and irrational stance on climate change, claiming that “Global warming is an expensive hoax."

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