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Being recognized as a Principal List student means the student has earned the highest grades in his or her class.  These recent Principal List awardees are rightfully proud of their high achievements.

Honors Level Classes Worth the Challenge, Students Say

March 22, 2017

The Western Wayne School District, along with many other schools, takes pride in having honors students who achieve their best. Our school offers many courses at the Honors and AP level. The courses range from English, Social Studies, Sciences, and Mathematics. These Honors and AP level classes require strenuous work from students, but the reward for taking such classes may result in not having to take and pay for the class in college.  That's money in the bank! An honors student by definition is a student recognized for achieving high grades or high marks in their course work at school. Although,...

In Step with . . .Artist Nick Antidormi

In Step with . . .Artist Nick Antidormi

February 23, 2017

  Full Name: Nicholas Antidormi Activities: Art and National Art Honor Society Family: Parents:  Brenda and Peter; Siblings: Brittany, Stephanie, Jennifer, Peter, Anthony, and Michael Ellie is the president of the band program here at Western Wayne and an active member in all of the musical clubs that we offer at the school.   Q: What activities do you participate in at Western Wayne? A: Art, and NAHS.   Q: You take a lot of art classes. How do you apply what you learn to making T-Shirts? A: First you have to think of the designs and be creative about...

Faculty Spotlight: Shining a Light on our Team

Faculty Spotlight: Shining a Light on our Team

Morgan Wagner, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2017

Meet Mr. Greg Butler, a man of many roles: teacher, co-athletic director, and basketball coach!

Tenth grade honor students were excited to see Thorton Wilder's acclaimed drama Our Town at East Stroudsburg University.

Honor Students Enjoy Literature Brought to Life on Stage

January 5, 2017

Tenth grade Honors English students worked on both learning more about literature and acting through a recent field trip to East Stroudsburg University to watch a performance of the play Our Town.

Graduation Project Showcases Leadership Skills

Graduation Project Showcases Leadership Skills

December 16, 2016

When senior Jack Tuman was planning his senior project, he knew one thing for certain: Jack wanted his project to be one where he could use the leadership skills he’d acquired through his high school years.

Art Students Discover Life Working with Clay

December 5, 2016

“My favorite part of ceramic class is carving intricate sculptures. Every day I come to class to build my skills and learn something new,” art student Sarah Gerstenamier said

The Story behind the Music:  Upslash Gets Serious

The Story behind the Music: Upslash Gets Serious

November 18, 2016

For student musicians John Kear and Mason Coccodrilli, having their own band is in Mason’s words, “the best of both worlds.”

Andrew's farm consists of 200 acres and was founded in 1898.

One Sweet Story!

November 16, 2016

Junior Andrew Gadomski taps maple trees to make syrup and keeps bees to make honey. He said he enjoys the job, and that it is as much a labor of love as it is a business venture.

Starting the Anime Club made for an Outstanding senior project for Kayla Hutchins

Anime Club Home for New Kids on the Block

November 16, 2016

The Western Wayne Anime Club, although founded only recently, is quite a popular extra-curricular choice for our students, Read on to learn why!

Social studies teacher Ben Gill has done more than study history from a book; one of Mr. Gill's favorite adventures was a college course which took him on a river cruise through Southeast Asia.

Faculty Spotlight: Shining a Light on our Team

November 7, 2016

Social studies teacher Ben Gill has done more than study history from a book; one of Mr. Gill’s favorite adventures was a college course which took him on a river cruise through Southeast Asia.

Mr. Pidgeon Happy in New Role of Assistant Principal

Being the new person at just about anything is hard, but new assistant principal Mr. Justin Pidgeon makes it look easy.

Esmeralda Mendez, Staff Reporter

November 7, 2016

To all the students with childlike hearts- have a chat with Mr. Justin Pidgeon, our newest administrator. You all probably know the Disney movie Frozen, and guess what?  He does, too! Join him in singing along to “Let It Go” by Kristen Bell which he’s memorized, thanks to his three-year-old daughter, Amelia. “Thanks to my daughter who loves Frozen, I once was able to recite all of the songs in the movie because it was watched multiple times a day for two and a half years,” Mr. Pidgeon explained. “She then learned there were other movies besides Frozen such as Despicable Me a...

Get your free backpack tote while learning more about women's issues!  Club President Mallory Jablon shows off a backpack to her friend, junior Caitlin Falloon.

Girls Lead Club Empowering through Education and Give-aways

November 2, 2016

You do the same job, work the same hours, put in the same amount of effort, and still-he has ‘earned’ more money than you. Imagine your frustration.

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