Planet Wildcat

Pictured is the cast of Western Wayne Drama Club's production of Nice Work If You Can Get It.
First row, from left: Sam Clemens, Ellen Dwyer, Lily Visceglia, Andie Solimine, Angelina Tornillo, Brandon Davis, and Finn Kruchinski.  Second row, from left:  Sam Pritzloff, John Kear, Rhonda Fenkner, Honour Shaffer, Ty Alpaugh, R.J. Clemens, Calla Shaffter, Marty Spewak, Jake Jones, Lindsey Karwacki, and Schuyler Chumard.  Third row, from left:  Ava Compton, Hailey Lightbody, Erin Murphy, Victoria Petrosky, Addie Treibley, Bridget Oppelt, Sarah McAndrew, Emily Barone, Hannah Alleva, Rebeccah King, and Becca Boots.  Absent from photo:  Maddie Kapschull and Sydney Peet.

Being Involved in HS Theatre Plus in Many Ways

June 7, 2018

Involvement in school-sponsored and community theater troupes allow many high school students to immerse themselves in an experience that lets their minds flow free and their creativity to run wild. Junior RJ Clemens believes that his dedication to theater can allow his emotions to take control. “It makes me happy and makes me feel free,” RJ comments. Having passions out of school that allow free thought and self-expression not only allow students a chance for freedom, but also for structure and organization. Theater depends on mutual-understanding, effective communication, and cooperation...



June 7, 2018

Mr. Butler is currently a history teacher Western Wayne. Some may or not know him, but the point of these articles is to display for the student body and staff on how interesting the backgrounds of our teachers are. Included with the question and answer, I wrote a small biography on Mr. Butler. Mr. Butler Graduated high school from Bishop high school, which is now Holy Cross. He furthered his education by attending the University of Scranton, graduating with a Business Management Degree and a minor in U.S History. He also attended Marywood and Wilkes University where acquired his Teaching Certificate...

Poet's Corner

Poet’s Corner

March 22, 2018

What Am I Made of by Zoey Goldman   I am made of many things, Of long summer days mixed with spring games, Of falling asleep in the burning heat. I am made of making wishes on a bed, Of dirt roots and bugs, Of a sassy crack of a bat with the crowd cheering, bring One home. I am made of the call of nightmares.  I am so scared Of blocking things out when no one is there. I am made of singing in the rain with fields of blooming Beauties, Of fresh cut grass on a long day’s end, Of sweating in the blistering heat as I run from an Outrageous beast,...

Faculty Spotlight: Ten Questions with English Teacher Marianne Morgan

Faculty Spotlight: Ten Questions with English Teacher Marianne Morgan

Alex Featherman, Staff Reporter

February 13, 2018

Marianne Morgan is a member of the English Department. This year she teaches American Lit. Honors, American Lit., Multicultural Lit, and SAT Prep.  She is also responsible for grading all high school online students enrolled in English courses.  She's a 30+ year teacher here at Western Wayne where she currently co-chairs her department and advises the newspaper.  She founded and also advises the Girls Lead Club as an unpaid adviser because she's passionate about empowering girls to be leaders in school and in our world community. Q: What is something not a lot of people know about you? A: I'...

In Step with . . . Honor Student Caitlin Falloon

In Step with . . . Honor Student Caitlin Falloon

February 12, 2018

Full Name: Caitlin Falloon Activities: FBLA, PJAS, Cats Club, SADD, FCCLA, Volleyball, Track & Field Family: Parents: Todd and Deena; Siblings: Todd and Lacey   Q: What activities do you participate in at Western Wayne? A: I participate in volleyball, track, FBLA, PJAS, Cats Club, SADD, and FCCLA.   Q: Have you obtained any educational achievements? A: I was on the Principal’s list once sophomore year and once junior year. I received first place at regionals in FBLA and twice received second at regionals in PJAS.   Q: How do you maintain high ...

Clubbed to Death?

Sophomore Noelle Orehek finds balance between schoolwork and funny business in the cafeteria.

Sydney Peet, Staff Reporter

February 9, 2018

Do you often find yourself canceling your Friday night plans with friends to stay in with your textbooks and notes to study? If so, you are certainly not alone! In fact, many students are in the same boat - caught in between their social lives, extracurricular activities, and their infinite stack of school work. At times, it may appear that the only way to accomplish all your goals would be to drop out of clubs, sports, and community groups that you are involved in.

Earning the Prestigious Eagle Scout Award Noteworthy Milestone for Four WW Students

Earning the Prestigious Eagle Scout Award Noteworthy Milestone for Four WW Students

Brianna Burdick, Staff Reporter

February 9, 2018

Earning the distinction of Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America. Four students discuss the benefits of their qualifying projects.

Specialized Courses Add to a Life-long Resume

Sydney Peet, Staff Reporter

January 5, 2018

At times, it may be hard to recognize why classes you take in high school matter beyond the grade you receive. You may wonder why you have to take those three credits of math or science, or why Consumer Skills is a graduation requirement. Well, wonder no longer. Students emerging from a STEM-intensive curriculum out of high school have a higher aptitude for large workloads and managing time. Think about it: if a student is taking three classes that each require two hours of homework a night, then they would learn to manage their time appropriately to complete their work and ensure that they maintain stable grades. The self-maintenance and organizational skills learned through these classes can help guide high school students and prospective post-secondary scholars towards a successful career in their chosen field. In...

Drum Majors Katelin Dennis and John Kear Special Ingredient to Marching Band’s Success

Homecoming was a blast for senior drum majors John Kear and Kaitlin Dennis. Kaitlin, was chosen by her peers to be a member of the Homecoming Court, still participated on the field with John.

Kristoff Bien-Aime, Staff Reporter

January 5, 2018

Katelin Dennis and John Kear signal the Western Wayne Marching Band to begin the 2017-2018 field show. They are out first; greeting the crowd with their entertaining visuals and the songs they have been preparing the band for since the summer! The show songs are made up of “The Fifth of Beethoven”, “Dancing Queen”, “I Will Survive”, and a crowd favorite “YMCA”. When this song is played the crowd sings and dances along with the band and cheerleaders. One of the two of our drum majors is the one and only, Katelin Dennis. Katelin is an excellent Barry saxophone player and drum major...

Members of the WW Color Guard are proud to represent our school at games, parades and pep rallies throughout the year. Pictured are (front row) Ellen Dwyer, Gabby Velez, Kate Hirsch, Bri Trutt, Rachael Harsch, Hudson Malinowski,Logan Smith (second row) Sydney Ely, Carleigh Galliford, Addie Treibley, Becca Boots, April Bresee, and Kayla Peirce.

Color Guard Represents WW with Unique Visuals

January 5, 2018

Alongside the pride of our band, Western Wayne's Color Guard team gives each performance unique visuals with its colorful flags and rhythmic motions.

Setting New Boundaries

Noelle Orehek, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2017

When senior Emma Starnes first requested to study abroad, she hoped for a luxurious, exciting and English-speaking trip to Europe. However, she was assigned the country of Colombia she momentarily questioned her decision to set new boundaries by studying abroad for her junior year.  Although she did not expect to like this country at first, she left at the end of her ten months there with unforgettable experiences and a desire to return. Although Emma was not truly excited about her destination at first, this country proved to be almost everything she had set out to accomplish and even affected her future hope for career. Her goal prior to leaving America was to return more independent and learn Spanish more fluently. Accomplishing this was no problem for Emma.  What's more, she had more freedom than she could...

Girls Lead Club Celebrates National Women’s History Month

It was a day of fun swag  for sophomores Abby Gogolski and Dan Peral who were randomly selected as winners in the Girls Lead Women in History contest.

Aileanna Hutchins, Staff Reporter

April 5, 2017

Getting as many students involved as possible was a key goal of the WWHS Girls Lead Club during March's National Women in History Month. With the help of the makers of the Luna Bar, who donated more than one hundred dollars worth of bars to the project, the club held a competition asking students to match accomplished women such as Mary Anderson who invented the windshield wiper with her achievement. More than 500 students entered, with approximately half scoring each question correctly. Seventy-five entries were then selected at random to win 75 Luna Bars.

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