From Humble Beginnings

The Story of My Farming Family

From Humble Beginnings

Morgan Coccodrilli, Staff Reporter

The Coccodrillis moved to America in the late 1910’s and early 1920s’. They, like many other immigrant families, did not have a lot of money or possessions but there were a lot of them. With the little money they had, my great great grandfather Dominick purchased a farm which would be called Mid Valley Farm Dairy. This is how my family made a living for many years. Including during the Great Recession.

Milk and other dairy products are considered to be an essential food, and that’s what was made at the farm. Before there was mass produced milk, it was hand-delivered right to the door in the classic milk bottle which had “MID VALLEY FARM DAIRY… the healthiest story ever told” printed on the front in bold green letters. This business was an important part of life because it provided milk, cheese, cream, and various other dairy products to Wayne County throughout the twentieth century.

While times got harder during the Great Depression, the farm provided many jobs for people in need.  While these jobs did not pay a lot, if at all, they were generally very strenuous. Long hours from early in the morning to late at night were part of it. But no matter what they always got a warm home-cooked meal at the end of the day, and that was more important than being paid. This was beneficial for both my family and the people who worked for them because labor was cheap, and with the lack of food it was good to have a healthy meal.