Siblings: Inferior, Superior, or Equal?


Siblings:  Inferior, Superior, or Equal?

Luke Urian, Guest Columnist

Sibling rivalry to me is simply competing with my brother for our parents favor and to prove our superiority over one another. Bryce, being two and a half years older and attending a college with an on campus gym, has a physical advantage over me in sports and anything considered “athletic.”  Also he is far more competitive than me at pretty much anything we try to do together. I lack his drive and ability and I am inferior as far as intelligence goes so I avoid competing within because the outcome is obvious and it seems to be a waste of time. He obviously is the favorite even though our parents insist there are no favorites, he is easier to talk to and more pleasant (I prefer to be quite and alone and I get annoyed when anyone tries to talk to me at home), and he never criticizes our parents whereas I have no problem telling them when they are wrong and why they are wrong which usually leads to arguments.
However, Bryce has had his fair share of losing. Genetically he is stockier than me and due to the lo0se reins granted by college life he has gained a little weight evening the odds. Also when we were younger he broke his ankle, his legs were actually uneven in length which may have caused the break or at least catalyzed it. Even today his ankle sometimes affects him. He is winded easier than me, and after a few minutes of easy jogging his ankle gets sore. While he still beats me in strategy games such as chess, we are equal in card games such as rummy and horse. I could even go to say I am better than him at trading card games based around strategy. Today I am nearly his size, and I will eventually be taller than him, I am a lot lankier and “weaker” than Bryce, but I am probably his equal in most things now,  I have beaten him a few times in things that I considered impossible to best him in and my work ethic is better than his which in my father’s eyes is the only thing that matters. While we don’t outwardly compete we silently tally our victories over each other, and in the end we view the “rival” as an equal and not superior or inferior.