Students Stay Optimistic during Pandemic

Ezra Tetreault via YouTube

Allison McCarthy, Staff Reporter

The past few weeks have been trying times for the whole world with the rapid spread of a deadly coronavirus. It has been the cause of billions of people being forced out of their daily routines. The unemployment rate has skyrocketed, the economy is having a difficult time, and schools and businesses are adjusting to this new way of life. Since everything is cancelled and people are forced to stay at home, many kids are finding ways to keep busy with their new time.

This is a great time to get healthy and fit which is exactly what junior Celeste Orchard has been doing. Between weight lifting, going on runs, doing her crossfit gym’s at-home workouts, and hiking, she has filled her time with a very positive activity.

Sophomore Mia Rovinsky has spent her extra time practicing her baking and cooking skills. From cupcakes to smoothies and mouth-watering breakfast to aesthetically pleasing dinners, Mia has definitely made her two brothers and parents very happy with frequent samples.

The class of 2020 from Western Wayne and high schools across the country have been sharing their stories and favorite memories from their senior year that was cut short. It has been a very emotional and difficult reality for many of them to face as they will not experience the several highlights of high school that take place at the end of senior year. Ezra Tetreault found a way to make every student smile and remember all of the amazing times they had as students at Western Wayne. He organized a five minute video dedicated to the “Wildcat Class of 2020.”  Dozens of students participated by sending in photos to encourage their peers through these hard times. The video can be viewed on the official Western Wayne Wildcat Athletics Instagram page as well as on this news page.