Sanders, Pro-Workers, Man of Action



Joseph Sweeney, Staff Reporter

Bernie Sanders is one of the most popular and influential people in modern American politics. He started the conversation for some of the most progressive policies since FDR, such as a $15 minimum wage, universal healthcare, and the Green New Deal with Alexandria Ocasio Cortex. 

There is a long history of Bernie’s anti-war and social justice activism. He can be seen protesting segregation at the University of Chicago, where he was a student at the time. More recently, he could be seen on strike with McDonald’s workers in Cedar Rapids fighting for the right to unionize. Bernie has a long history of pro-worker action and policy.  

While Bernie hasn’t always been a Democrat, he has always fought for minorities, veterans, and workers. While some might fear a candidate who is a self-described “socialist,” his ideas are nothing like countries we think of as socialist. His policies are more closely aligned with Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, rather than the Soviet Union or Cuba.  Bernie says this about his position on socialism, “I don’t believe government should own the means of production, but I do believe that the middle class and the working families who produce the wealth of America deserve a fair deal.”

With a large and energized following from all walks of life, Bernie Sanders has a very good shot of becoming the Democratic nominee and taking on Trump in the election, and with polls that have shown time and time again that Bernie beats Trump, he may very well be the next President.