Lab Techs Make Classes Run More Smoothly while Earning Hands-on Experience in Science

Sophomore lab tech Stevie Wilkinson stamps freshman Nick Hrosovsky’s warm-up sheet.

Sarah Collins, Staff Reporter

One of the numerous classes offered at Western Wayne High School includes being a lab tech for the science classes. Lab techs can be found in the science classrooms, such as in general science, biology, and chemistry classes. However, not just any student can become a lab tech. It is required that the student has already taken the course for which they plan to become a lab tech. It is a half credit course.

The role as a lab tech is to assist in the science classrooms by completing several tasks such as setting up labs. The students in the class complete these labs, which are a major key to help them better understand lessons. Having a lab tech allows the teacher to continue to teach, while lab techs set up. The process manages time and keeps the students in the class learning without interruption.

Junior Rachel Wertman, a junior, became a biology lab tech because she “like[s] science and wanted to help out more in the science classrooms.” Rachel, who is a lab tech in the inquiry biology with lab honors class, enjoys “getting to work more with my teachers and other students.”  Since Rachel is in 11th grade, she has explored what options there are for her after high school. She has considered following a career involving science. “This course gives me experience working in a science environment as well as working with others,” she explained. This course will help her decide if she wants to continue on expanding her knowledge in the science fields after high school.

Another student who thrives in the science classes and is also a biology lab tech is Stevie Wilkinson. Stevie Wilkinson, who is a sophomore, completed the inquiry biology with lab honors course last year as a freshman. This made her eligible to become a biology lab tech as a sophomore. “I provide assistance in helping the teacher prepare some of the material that the class is learning,” Stevie said. It is obvious that Stevie flourishes in the class’s environment and is always glad to help out.  “I enjoy helping other students out and sharing my knowledge,” she said.  Stevei, who will finish this course at the end of the year, shares advice for future lab techs:  “Make sure you truly know about biology so you can help when students ask questions or are puzzled.”

It is very clear that the lab techs in science classrooms play a key role in helping the class stay organized and manage time more efficiently. Without the diligent and cooperative works of the lab techs, students would not be effectively learning. The lab tech course is not only significant to the teacher and students in that class, but to the school as a whole.