Seniors Experience Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Italy

Trina Barcarola and Noelle Orehek Talk about Their Travels

Italy—a place of enchanting landscape, exotic architecture and artworks, full of history and culture. While some spend years dreaming of visiting this flamboyant country, last summer, seniors Trina Barcarola and Noelle Orehek had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take an abroad trip to Italy.

From June 23rd to July 5th, Trina and Noelle traveled to Italy with a program named Pro-Rome, a catholic touring group for high school students. They traveled with twenty-seven other girls and visited multiple holy sites in Rome and Siena in Tuscany. “I wanted to deepen my spiritual life in the place where Catholicism thrives,” Noelle explained. The girls saw many symbolic religious pieces and visited famous sites such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, and even Lake Bolsena. “It was a really awesome opportunity,” Trina said. Noelle wholeheartedly agreed.

Both Trina and Noelle worked jobs over the summer and winter months to save the nearly $4000 the trip would cost. Despite the substantial expense, the journey was one the girls would never forget. “The best part was making lifelong friendships with the other girls,” Trina said.

However, there was one drawback: they could never forget the jet lag after the first day arriving. “We had to stay awake for almost twenty-four complete hours!” Trina explained.

“Absolute death!” Noelle added.

However, the exciting days of touring that followed made the long hours of travel worthwhile. Full of new experiences and learning opportunities, Trina and Noelle would return in a heartbeat. “Hands down the best decision I’ve ever made,” Noelle said.