HOLIDAY VERSION: If You Had to Choose …

Holiday Edition


Stevie Wilkinson, Staff Reporter

Cookies or Pie?

Kiel Rizzi:  Cookies because they rock.

Morgan Heenan:  Cookies because I don’t like pie.


Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Gavin Murphy:  Christmas because you get to eat and get gifts

Lou Azate:  Christmas just because I love Christmas.


Snow Angels or Snowmen?

Alex Iovacchini:  Snowmen because they look cooler.

Aly McCarthy:  Snowmen because they are more fun to make.


Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Jaden DeRosa:  Christmas Day because it’s better.

Maya Maisonave:  Christmas Eve because it’s exciting.


Best Gift: Clothes or Electronics?

Caden Brungard:  Clothes just because they’re better.

Bailey Fitzgerald:  Clothes because they are more useful.