FALL FUN: If You Had to Choose . . .

Fall Edition

FALL FUN:  If You Had to Choose . . .

Stevie Wilkinson, Staff Reporter

Ghost or Skeletons?

Mia Rovinsky:  Ghost because then no one could see or know where I was.

Caleb Brunguard:  Skeleton because their bones are strong like me.

Lollipops or Hershey Bars?

Julian Walck:  Lollipops because they last longer than chocolate.

Brooke Richardson:  Lollipops because I hate sweets.

Vampire or Witches?

Nate Koch:  Vampires because they have teeth that will make you turn into a vampire.

Rylee Sheehan:  Witches because they have powers.

Hayrides or Corn Mazes?

Austin Devine:  Hay rides because I get lost in corn mazes.

Kiel Rizzi:  Corn mazes because they’re fun.

Hot chocolate or Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Shane Gagliardi:  Hot chocolate because I love it.

Donovan Burdick:  Pumpkin Spice Latte because it’s October.

Bats or Black Cats?

Thomas Chernasky:  Black cats because bats are scary and they can give a lot of diseases.

Paige Lee:  Bats because they are good for the environment. They eat bugs, etc.

Funny or Scary Costumes?

Alex Iovacchini:  Funny because no costumes are scary anymore, and funny ones are always great.

Emily Shemanski:  Funny because you can get a good laugh.

Watching Scary Movies or Going Trick Or Treating?

Gary Geinitz:  Scary movies because I’m lazy.

Gavin Henwood:  Trick or Treating for the fun of it.

Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Pie?

Madison Kammer:  Pumpkin pie because it’s the most common thing to eat around Thanksgiving.

Jordan Koch:  Pumpkin pie because I’ve never had pumpkin seeds.