Rising Star: Meet Zane Janiszewski

Alex Featherman, Staff Reporter

Zane Janiszewski is a 3-sport athlete at Western Wayne. He participates in football, basketball, and baseball, and has been since his freshman year. Zane is starter for all three sports, all which would have been much harder to achieve if it was not for his hard work ethic both on and off the field or court.

For the 2019 football season, the football team went 9-3, which is impressive for a team that was picked last in almost every bracket. Zane, who plays running back and inside linebacker, was an essential factor of this year’s success on both offense and defense. He totaled 2,079 total yards, 33 total touchdowns on offense and on defense, he had 101 tackles, 3 interceptions, 2 pick sixes, and 2 fumble recoveries by the end of the season. “I believe that the strength of this year’s team was the chemistry because everyone knew what everyone was supposed to be doing and where everyone was going on the field. Also, the fact that everyone for the most part got along well,” Zane said.

From a young age, Zane knew he wanted to play Running back and Linebacker. “Watching guys like Bobby Wagner and Marshawn Lynch really inspired me to play those positions.” However, Zane enjoys more than just the sport; he also enjoys the team comradery and getting to play with guys that he has grown up around and his best friends. Older teammates like Jack McCallister, Parker Howell, and Derek Mason have always been there to help and encourage Zane throughout the past 3 years. “The one teammate that helped me the most was A.J Merone; he showed me how to play linebacker my sophomore year,” Zane said.

Football is very tough sport both physically and mentally, and Zane never gets intimated. Even when he’s up against stronger or bigger opponents, he always runs his hardest regardless. Injury is bound to happen when playing football but Zane does not fear that whatsoever. He said, “If you are worried about injury, you won’t play as hard and when you don’t play as hard, you are more injury prone. So that’s why I just play to the best of my ability.” Zane still has on3 more year left on the football team, and with his attitude, it is certain that he will do even better than this year.