Weight Room Provides Opportunity for Students to Stay in Shape

Weight Room Provides Opportunity for Students to Stay in Shape

Morgan Coccodrilli, Staff Reporter

Western Wayne recently has hired college students that are weight lifters to help train our athletes and students who want to stay in shape. One of these students, trainer Dom, a Marywood student who is studying in this field which makes him more than qualified to be a trainer at our school.  When I got a chance to speak with him, he explained to me how he became interested in weight training.  He is not only very knowledgeable about lifting ,but also he enjoys playing the guitar and listening to music which is a good thing to have because it helps working out when you can relate as I also play guitar.

The weight room in our school has many different pieces of equipment to help our students become better athletes and feel confident in themselves. This  is very important in athletics and mental well-being.

Richie Reed, a sophomore student athlete, explained that he especially likes “being able to go after school and have a trainer that can help me gain the most strength in the places I need it most.  I also like how the trainers push you do do your best.”

As an athlete myself lifting is a very important aspect in success in sports because as stated on the website, https://www.verywellfit.com/top-reasons-to-lift-weights-1231112. It helps you lose weight, makes you stronger; it can reduce  your risk of injury, and it can even reduce arthritis pain.

These are just a few benefits of weightlifting.  Thanks to Western Wayne for supporting their athletes.  The weight  program is a great example of our school’s pride.