Lady Wildcats Hit the Courts


Courtesy of Western Wayne Wildcats, Facebook

Sarah Collins, Staff Reporter

The Western Wayne’s Lady Wildcats’ basketball team have trained with enthusiasm for this season. All players ranging from freshman to seniors have put in the hard work for this upcoming basketball season. The team has been perfecting their skills and have been conditioning recently. The players have been putting in tedious hours during and even after practices. The team has been preparing and playing over the summer and are now in full preparation for this upcoming winter season.

The team’s new coach, Mr. Mike Judge shows much excitement and determination for success about this season. “I am looking forward to getting to know all of the players on the team. I am looking to continue to improve our team from the first day of the season until it ends in February. We have some players back from last year and I think we can compete possibly for a division championship. I would say that is always my goal.” Judge says. One of these returning players is senior Sinaea Buford, who is a player on the varsity team. Sinaea is also ecstatic about this upcoming season. She says, “I’m looking forward to see how much our team progresses from last year. The starters will be back and healthy, which is different from last year. We had a lot of injuries. I’m ready for our team to prove something to the people who doubt us.”

Sinaea Buford is one of the seniors on the varsity team. She works extraordinarily hard during every single practice and game. This is her last year playing as a Lady Wildcat after years of playing since she was young. “It’s actually sad to think about this being my final year on the court. I have to make every second count, not just for the team, but for myself. Giving it my all because it’s what the team and school deserves.” she says. As previously stated, the team had faced many injuries last season. Injuries are not a mystery to Sinaea, who faced a major injury during a game towards the end of last season. Sinaea had experienced an ACL injury. Sinaea explains, “I’ve been working in the off season on my strength because I’m recovering from my ACL injury, which made me miss the end of our season in which we had our first playoff game in years. I’m just looking forward to getting to spend my last year with this team, they are like family.”

Although the team has put in countless hours of hard work, challenges are expected to occur. “I think one of the challenges that any new coach has is players building into a new system. To overcome some of the challenges, we need to come in every day and work hard.” Coach Judge says. He believes in the team and their efforts and with that adds, “Once they start to see what we are trying to achieve, I believe all the players will be on board.” Coach Judge believes that the team will be able to surpass the challenges and grow from them.

It is very clear that the Lady Wildcats team take much pride in their skills, leadership, and continuous persistence in basketball. The girls want to excel and grow upon their skills before, during, and after the season. The team is determined to have their diligence pay off this season, in aspiration to make the school, community, and themselves as a whole team proud of their efforts with the reward of success. Coach Judge is eager for a great season.  “Our kids put a lot of hard work in this summer. It will be exciting how all that hard work has paid off for our players and team,” he said.

As a great start to a promising season, the girls won the Honesdale Jaycees Tournament with a 45-40 win over Honesdale! Kaeli Romanowski finished with 27 and Skylar Long had 10 points. Kaeli was named Tournament MVP, and senior Coral Swoyer was named to the All-Tournament team.  As the season progresses, the players will be continuing to practice meticulously.  A schedule for the season can be found @ww_wildcatsathletics on Instagram.