Fight for Survival Integral to Future of Planet Earth

Sinclaire Ogof, Staff Reporter

Change is something that doesn’t come easily in our society, and we tend to become intransigent in the way we think, act, or do. We stick with the mindset that the old way is the only way. People continuously repeat history; consequently, our way of life doesn’t improve.

As Thomas Paine wonderfully said, “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.” We need to challenge the past, even if we belabor over it for years. Instead of mimicking the old, we shall create the new.

There are many pressing crises that need our change of behavior now and for us to stop being taciturn. Our Earth, our home, is dying; we are not doing enough to even temporize the effects of our actions. The amount of harm done to our environment is enough for us to substantiate a fight against our past generations. By speaking out, we can change our mundane behavior. We must stay unified in the fight for our Earth and future. If we don’t do anything now and stay in our unyielding ways, what will be left for the future of life?