Girls Soccer Make Playoffs and Cement Friendships, too


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Alexandria Bien-Aime, Staff Reporter

As the Girls’ Soccer season came to a close, they entered their post season by heading to playoffs with the first round held against Dunmore. The Lady Wildcats started training for the season in August with drills and conditioning to improve, not only their personal skill, but their chemistry as a team. “You have to get familiar with your teammates. You need to trust them.” according the this year’s captains.  Trust is one of the many things that makes a solid team. At the beginning of the season when the girls voted for those they thought most fit for the role of captain, they chose seniors Darlene Black and Amanda Ferrer, along with juniors Lena Piccolino and Cassidy Asinski.  As captains these four leaders aim to demonstrate what hard work looks like every day in order to build a strong team and strong friendships.

“I love being a role model for so many girls and being a captain that everyone can look up to and talk to,” senior captain Amanda Ferrer said. “To, not only the new freshmen coming up, or the sophomores with one year under their belt, these captains have given much help both on and off the field with the aim of pushing the team to be better, while still having fun.”

This year the team’s overall record was 12-4-1 which is an exciting record for teammates in general but particularly for the five seniors who will be graduating this year, five very talented girls who all had an impact on this team.  For a senior like Amanda, although there are many components to making this team so successful, communication among teammates has been key. “A soccer team can have all the skill in the world, but if they can’t talk and get along, they are getting nowhere,” Amanda said.   “The team this year was very close. If a teammate messed up at practice, she would be helped, and she would not get made fun of like in previous years. We were all more than teammates!  We were friends. That is very important for a team to have.”

According to this year’s members, there was more than just friendship on the team. There was also spirit. The girls were always excited for practice or games. Every time they huddled before a game, they knew to give it their all, to play every game like it was their last.  “Before we know it, we will be graduating. Leaving behind our soccer careers. So why not make every memory count? Our future selves will appreciate being able to look back on all the memories made with each other,” Amanda said.

“After playing high school soccer for four years, I have made so many memories with the absolute best people to surround yourself with, your team,” Amanda said. She explained further.  “Winning is great, yes! But making memories and friends is a much better accomplishment. You are not going to look back 10 years from now and be mad you lost a game, you will be happy that you made friends. That is what counts in the long run.”

Of course, for many athletes, entering post season is the highlight of the year since every team eagerly wants to go all the way. It can feel like a great accomplishment, not just for the team, but for the school as players receive recognition for all of their hard work.

Amanda summed it up this way: “I can’t wait to feel the rush of playing, especially in a playoff game. That feeling hits different.”