Beetle Juice Inspires Art Students

Adelaide Treibley, Staff Reporter

As of mid-October the Western Wayne High School Art Department has been working on a few new projects to help get ready for when the school opened for trick or treating on October 31st. A group of students led by Maggie Millon spent much time throughout the days preceding Halloween to make decorations that will go up near and in the library as well as outside of the LGI. These decorations were then placed out for all students and staff to see and enjoy. Some students even helped out in handing out candy to the children on the 31st.

Most of these decorations are inspired by the movie Beetle Juice which led to some very creative and stunning decorations. The decorations range from painted posters to ghastly gravestones. Maggie is pictured painting a close up of the character Beetlejuice. A small group of these students stayed behind to work on getting even more done so that everything can be the best it possible can be.

Beetlejuice centered around a few different story lines that come together to make a fun horror movie. Beetlejuice himself is a demon just trying to get someone to say his name to set him free. The decorations take after a few of the most memorable things from the original movie. Even the massive sand worm is getting a bit of recognition in this year’s display. The posters follow a color scheme of black, white and neon green, with bits of blood splatter mixed in everywhere. The theme and the ideas together was a great idea that gave the artist a lot of flexibility and still let the work made look uniform.

For a few days after school students worked hard, putting much time and effort to insure the event would come out wonderfully. Free periods and study halls have been used and the product showed this time spent. The kids working on said they had put in as much time as they could into it making the best possible display. What seemed like  a simple and quick process turned out to be much more work than anticipated.  According to student artists like Maggie, these displays have much more than a bit of work go into them.

The process started with putting paper up onto the walls to set the scene. Then decorations were made in art foundation classes and then hung by students.  Then the hardest part began, picking a theme and choosing what decorations to make. Maggie stepped up to the challenge and picked a theme based on the movie Beetlejuice. She calmly and swiftly was able to organize and assign each task. She put people on posters, bats, and tombstones. Maggie was also very helpful in checking in with everyone to makes sure no one was stuck or confused.

These students got into the spirit so much so, that even students who are not enrolled in art classes happily lent a hand. Kayla Peirce was one of these students. She helped paint tombstones and “really had a lot of fun learning how to make the decorations.”  She also worked on painting the Sandworm and putting decorations up. “I never knew how much work went into makes these and it was cool to be a part of it,” Kayla said.

Kayla came back the next day to stay after to help because she had so much fun the first day. “I had fun doing it,” she said.

Once students were finally able to hang their hard work, many expressed feelings of satisfaction.  Art teachers were happy with the outcome, too.  “Everyone was proud of their hard work, and the display looks great. It is placed outside the LGI, so anyone who walks by can clearly see how dedicated the students were to making a great display,” art teacher Justin Hayden said.