Just Spit It Out! featuring Andrew Oudshoorn

60 Seconds with Andrew

Just Spit It Out! featuring Andrew Oudshoorn

Nicholas Valentin, Staff Reporter

Nicholas Valentin, Reporter – Hello, Andrew, I’d like to skip the niceties and go straight to the questions.

Andrew Oudshoorn, Senior- Alright, let’s get to it.

NV- First question: I’ve noted that you are drum major for our Marching Band, so how did you first get your trumpet?

AO- Well, I’ll make a long story short. An old trumpet- A graduate of our school, that is- gave it to me since he didn’t need it anymore, so I got mine for free.

NV- Interesting. Alright, next question: If you could turn into any animal, what would it be?

AO- Probably a snake, because I could sneak around and be secretly dangerous, and no one would even know it.

NV- That’s an odd choice. Speaking of odd choices, if you could be our 46th president, what would be your first enacted law?

AO- Now this is a tough choice. In many cases, I’d choose to legalize medical marijuana for those that could need it.

NV- Sounds like a great path, just as long as we keep it controlled. Now, let’s get serious. What’s your plan after graduating Western Wayne?

AO- I plan on going to med school, majoring in epidemiology, the study of patterns of diseases in defined populations.

NV- We might want to see if our football team has any disease that has to do with winning! Now, if you could date any famous actor, dead or alive, who would it be.

AO- Definitely Tom Holland. He is just too good to overlook in the Avengers movies.

NV- Well said. Last question, and certainly an appetizing one. What is your favorite home cooked meal?

AO- I love comfort food and everything, but a medium-rare steak with roasted potatoes and green beans is hard to beat.

NV- I mean, after eating all kinds of stuff, everyone has a favorite. That’s all the time we have, however, since our 60 seconds are up!

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