The Seeker: Winter Season


Celeste Orchard, Staff Reporter

“Just imagine that we’re laughing in my cabin, chilling by the fireside.

Even though this sun is blasting, we can be wherever if we visualize… I wanna pretend we’re at the North Pole” –Ariana Grande “Winter Things”


What’s your favorite part of the winter season?


  • “My favorite part of the winter season is being able to dress cozy and wear all my boots and sweaters that I cannot wear any other season since I sweat so much. I also love Christmas and the snow.” -Cassidy Asinski, 11th grade
  • “I like relaxing by the wood stove when it’s freezing outside” -Collin Murray, 12th grade


  • “The snow is my favorite part. I like skiing when I have the free time” -Lenny Maiocco, 11th grade


  • “I love shopping for Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts. Anything that puts me in the Christmas spirit makes me happy and is my absolute favorite.” -Aly McCarthy, 10th grade


  • “I like the reminder that the holidays are approaching. I love the build up to Thanksgiving and Christmas when the chaos is at peak and last-minute plans are made.” -Brett Schane, 11th grade