Positivity Projects Reign at WWHS this Year


Evan Thomas

Senior Gary Geinitz poses by his patriotic parking space, part of this year's new Positive Behavior initiative.

Evan Thomas, Staff Reporter

There is a lot going on in Western Wayne High School. With the beginning of the new school year there was some evident, significant changes that had been made in the school. This past month Western Wayne High School students had the option to paint their parking spaces for the price of $25. Senior, Gary Geinitz, was one of the many students to take advantage of the opportunity. Gary’s spot is marked with a very large American Flag. When asked what his influence was, Gary exclaimed, “My patriotism! It took six hours of hard work and two+ gallons of paint but its FREE PAINTING! It was well worth it; the American Flag is priceless.”

The opportunity to paint parking spaces was one of many inclusions to our school’s incentive program.

This year features the implementation of CAT Cash. It was designed as an in school currency system that can be used to be in class prizes. The currency is rewarded to students that display behavior that shines Wildcat PRIDE. The system was introduced through PBIS, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. High school English teacher, Mrs. Wittenbrader had this to say in regard to CAT Cash, “Positivity in the school is often overshadowed by the students in the school that do negative things. That negativity takes away from all of the awesome things that students in our school every day. Something as small as picking something up for someone or holding a door open is what makes a good door. CAT Cash has been introduced to reward students for doing awesome things. I really hope it works because it’s time to reward to reward students for all the awesome thins they do every day.”

With an efficient way to brighten our school and community, students will have something more to look forward to every day. CAT Cash was used to get into our Halloween Fall Fest and will be the entry fee for other events throughout the year. This is just one of the many ways administrators and teachers are providing to reward their students’ positive behavior in school.