How Would Our Founding Fathers Respect the American Flag Today?

How Would Our Founding Fathers Respect the American Flag Today?

Sinclaire Ogof, Staff Reporter

The Founding Fathers of America founded this nation on beliefs of freedoms and moral values. They wanted us to have the right to choose how we practice those freedoms. Having laws restricting our rights was not what they envisioned; in fact, their philosophies are shown in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights. That is why when it comes to the symbolism that represents America, like the flag, our Founding Fathers give us the choice to decide how we respect and honor the flag. 

Our great leaders would look at our flag today and see the invisible story it tells and all it has been through. All the wars, hardships, and losses our flag has endured is stitched into every crease and fold. Our flag, through the bad and the worse, has managed to be our light at the end of the tunnel. Our fathers would look at it and see it as a distinguished source of pride and a resemblance of the important American values every citizen holds dear. They would know that every star on our flag represents the lives lost protecting our freedoms, making us a stronger nation. The stripes are what represent our past and will improve our future; they know that. They respect every part of the flag and would hope that the America they created, fulfills every current and future American’s dream. 

Our Founding Fathers would also look at the flag from another light. A darker and sadder light. They would see what our flag has failed to do for us. They know even to this day that our flag is failing to give her citizens the American dream. The lies, deceptions, and failures that are stitched in secretly into our flag make it heavy with sorrow. They would see what they failed to set forth for our nation. Every star on our flag, representing every life lost protecting the nation, would scream “freedom isn’t free”. They know that the stripes’ past is not what an American flag should endure, especially if it risks the values of our nation. Our fathers would see the flaws of the nation they created and hope that someday it will all be a distant memory. When it becomes a distant memory, they hope that one day every American’s dream will someday come true. 

After seeing our flag for its true and deep meaning, our Founding Fathers would respect it. They do not care if you sit, stand, or kneel for the flag. They want us to see what they see in the flag. Our leaders want us to practice our freedoms and moral values with others. They want us to treat the flag with the same respect we treat others, and if we do not treat others with respect, we need to look back at history. We need to see what our flag has endured and understand what needs to be changed so the same mistakes are not repeated.  

The fathers of our nation believed every man on this earth has three unalienable rights, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. They have done everything in their power to make sure we got those rights, even with all the struggles in our history. The flag has and always will represent our rights. If we want our rights to be honored, respecting the flag is the first step to getting there. The American Dream is in that flag, and so is the respect and vales of our nation.