Music Review: Dance Monkey Hot Pick for December

Music Review:  Dance Monkey Hot Pick for December

Alex Fullone, Staff Reporter

Dance Monkey is an Alternative or Indie song by 19 year-old Australian artist Tones & I. The song was released on May 10th, 2019 and has been huge all over the world, but seems to only now be getting noticed in the US. The song is about the artis’ts frustrations about how people’s patience has diminished due to modern technology where you’re typically just a swipe or a click away from whatever you may want to entertain yourselves.

This is brought forth with lyrics like “and I’ll make you do it all again” which show the pressure of artists having to continue releasing singles in order to keep the attention of their demographic, or they’ll just lose interest in them all together. Of course,if you aren’t interested in the deeper meaning of the song, then you still have a very fun and catchy song on your hands. This song with it’s quicker tempo and Tones & I’s unique voice can be a very fun song to simply groove to.

If I had to give one negative critique about this song, it would be it’s repetitive chorus, but honestly I’ve grown to actually find the chorus. It’s become my favorite part of the song, especially with the crescendo in the pre-chorus and second and third choruses. I would definitely recommend checking out this song if you need a new song to groove to on your playlist. 9.5/10