Do those New Year Resolutions Stick?

What was your New Years Resolution? Did you follow through with it?


“To start focusing on my wants to needs not everyone else’s.  Yes I did follow through with it.”  Lena Piccolino 11th grade 


“To go with the flow and try to be less anxious about everything and try to be spontaneous, take risks, and live life. Yes I followed through with it.”  Courtney Petrilack 11th grade 


“To eat healthier, get in better shape and use less plastic. I have been doing all of these.”  Jamie Bryan 11th grade


“To eat healthier… no I did not follow through with it.”  Derek Mason 12th grade


“To be a better person and get the girls… I think it’s working.”  Caleb Brungard 12th grade 


“My Resolution was to work out more and drive slower, I have been doing both.”  Gary Geinitz 12th grade