Wildcats Make it to States for the First Time in 25 Years

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Courtesy of Lisa Rovinsky

The Boys' Varsity basketball team finishes season with entry into State Playoffs

Lena Piccolino, Staff Reporter

This was it- the state playoff game! On Friday, March 8th, tje boys’ varsity basketball team entered into their first state playoff game in 25 years. The team traveled two hours to Shikellamy High School in Sunbury PA to play the District 4 Champion Danville. Prior to the game, the team paraged through the halls of the high school accompanied by the cheerleaders and band, gaining support from classmates and staff.

Upon arriving at Shikellamy the players felt many emotions, but greatest of all was the desire to win.  Junior Zach Rovinsky, put the feeling into words, “We all wanted to win,” he said. “We were willing to do anything to win.”

Tensions were high; this was the biggest game of the season. A fully packed fan bus traveled to the game to support the team.  Having a huge student section at the game added to the excitement but also to the pressure. Players said they felt even more anxious than usual about their desire to take home the win.

Unfortunately, uring the game things did not go as well as everyone had hoped. With five minutes left of the third quarter, officials threw Dahlton Frisbee, senior, off of the court and did not permit  him to enter for the rest of the game. Everyone on the WW side was frustrated; refs were making calls left and right. The student section was livid. Unfortunately, the game ended in a loss for the Wildcats, with a score of 54-33. Although down about the loss, the team was still gratified that they were able to make it that far. In the past 25 years, Western Wayne had not gone to a state playoff game. Qualifying and playing in one is an honor that no one can ever take away from this year’s team.

The season all around had its ups and downs. The Wildcats came off strong winning their first seven games of the season with only two losses. However, after these wins came some losses.  Still, despite losing six games in a row the team persevered. “Never giving up” became their motto, Rovinsky said. Finishing out the season with a few more wins and losses made for a tough season for the hard working season team who was thankful for the dedication of their coach, Al Semenza. “He puts in time to make us the best team we can be, and he cares about basketball genuinely,” Rovinsky said. “We never would have gotten this far without him.”