Dylan Walck Selected for 2018 Scranton Times All-Regional Defensive Team

Walck Known for Prowess on the Football Team and in the Classroom

Lena Piccolino, Staff Reporter

On every team, there’s always that player. The one who takes a leadership position. The one who helps out everyone on the team, from freshman to senior, of any skill level. The player who all the coaches love. The player who makes the winning touchdown, scores the winning point. This player is Dylan Walck. Dylan has been selected to the 2018 Scranton Times All-Regional Defensive Team. Here at Western Wayne this fall, he played as a defensive back, with a total of 85 tackles with 3 interceptions. On top of that Dylan added 20 receptions for 233 yards, 290 yards passing, 399 yards rushing, and 6 total touchdowns.


Dylan started his passion for football at a young age, at only five years old he started playing on a Junior Wildcats team. After continuing to play, he gained strength and skill, which was quickly noticed by his coaches and other teammates. Playing at the start of a very early age brought Dylan his greatest skill, being a versatile player. Being versatile is not easy, for most players, switching from position to position is not comfortable. Playing football for many years has also gave him leadership qualities, brotherhood, unity between teammates, and “overcoming situations when your back is against the wall” states Dylan.


Along with high school sports comes the academics. Juggling both is difficult, having practices 5-6 days a week with games is already a lot to keep up with. Using his time wisely, Dylan takes advantages of his study halls and extra class time to finish take home assignments. When getting home with leftover work he sits down with his three other brothers and completes their assignments as a family. These strategies have worked great for Dylan, earning and obtaining a 4.0 GPA. As a senior, Dylan is looking at the next step in his academic career, college. He has been considering various schools, such as Susquehanna, Kutztown, and Shippensburg University.  These three schools are highlighted in Dylan’s list of colleges because all three are interested in him for football.


Playing football after high school is something Dylan sees himself doing in a year. He says, “Once you have that competitive factor inside of you, you consistently want it”. Dylan feels that if he did not do football in college he would have the urge to play, and just could not drop something that has made such a big impact in his life. Throughout all of Dylan’s four years of varsity football every year has brought something special. His freshman and sophomore year he got to play with his two older brothers Scott and Bailey. Junior year, Dylan began his third season of Western Wayne football playing under the lights with Bailey. Now being a senior, he got his final year to play with his youngest brother, Julien. Dylan owes his achievements to his family, “I owe all my achievements to my mother and father, and my brothers to always being there to keep pushing me through challenging situations”. Family is significant to Dylan, continuously helping him drive through obstacles in his day to day life and always supporting him, in every decision he makes.