Courtney Petrilak, Staff Reporter


Q: How would you describe your cross country and basketball careers?


A: “My cross country and basketball career started all in middle school and continued throughout high school. I actually ran my first three mile race when I was in fourth grade, and that’s what really sparked my interest in running. I also participated in biddy basketball in elementary school and then up until sixth grade. When I got to high school my love for sports really started to grow more and more.”


Q: What was your biggest accomplishment during this time?


A: “One of my biggest accomplishments during my sports career was making it to states during my freshman cross country season. This was really exciting for me because I was only a freshman and qualified to race at the state competition. During my sophomore year of cross country I was also able to qualify for the state meet and to be on the first team Lackawanna league All-Star team my freshman and sophomore year. This was so exciting for me because I was a ‘newbie’ in the environment for high school cross country.

During my sophomore year of basketball I was able to start varsity some games and start JV all the games. This gave me a sense of pride because the coaches thought I had the potential to compete at the varsity level my sophomore year.”


Q: What is some advice you would give to younger kids?


A: “Some advice I would give younger kids is to always work towards something with a strong mindset. Without a strong mindset you aren’t going to train or compete at the best of your ability. Don’t ever get down on yourself.  Just always think about the next play during a basketball game, or your next race for a cross country meet, or the next pitch during a baseball game. Keep moving forward.”


Q: What is your favorite quote?


A: “My favorite quote is by a Brazilian soccer player by the name of Pele. The quote states, ‘The more difficult the victory, the greater happiness and winning.’ I really love this quote because it is basically saying that the harder you work during a game or practice, the more joy you will receive if you end up winning a game or a meet or a match. It will actually mean something to you if you win.”