Sophomore Visits the PA Farm Show, Steers for a Good Time

Celeste Orchard, Staff Reporter

Recently, sophomore Matthew Stone had attended this year’s annual Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He went with his father, John Stone, and his sister, Makayla Stone. Farm Show is a yearly event for the Stone family, and they travel to Harrisburg from their family farm in Hamlin. In the comfort of a luxury hotel, Matthew and his family stay at the Farm Show to care for their livestock.

According to Matt, his week is full of early mornings, grooming the cows. “We normally wake up at 4 a.m. and start out each day by washing the cows fully,” Matt said. Extensive care is put into the vanity of the cows and their hair so that they look nice when being shown. At this popular event, they show their beef cattle that they raise at their home, Stone Valley Farm where they also raise lamb.

Matt’s favorite part about the Farm Show is showing his cattle, and he takes great pride in doing so. Although young, Matthew has plenty of experience showing his cattle. “I’ve also had a great deal of success,” he said. One of many prizes won by Matthew and his cows includes Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer at the Wayne County Fair. Accomplishing this feat is not anything new for Matt and his family as they regularly win awards for their steer.

“All in all, “Farms Show was really fun. Everyone was nice and helpful; it was so down to earth,” Matthew said. He describes the people there as very welcoming and kind. “It’s taught me a lot of lifelong lessons,” he said. Matt feels his experiences at the PA Farm Show have humbled him through the hard work and effort farming takes. Because of his work with his cows and at Farm Show with his family, Matt has gained both responsibility and an appreciation of hard work.