WINTERTIME: If You Had to Choose . . .


Jamie Bryan, Staff Reporter

Skiing or Snowboarding?

Gavin Lamberton 12th – Snowboarding, it’s a lot of fun and a good challenge.

Carter Davis 10th – Skiing because it’s a lot more fun.

Snow Day or Two-Hour Delay?

Cassidy Asinski 10th – Two Hour Delay because you get more sleep, shorter classes, and you don’t have to make up the day in the summer!

Sydney Hutchinson 10th – Two Hour Delay because it is shorter than a regular day and you don’t have to make the day up in the summer.

Bear the Cold or Stay Inside and Warm?

Parker Howell 11thBear the cold because it’s more of an adventure.

Madison Kammer 9th – Stay inside because it’s warm and cozy.

Mittens or Gloves?

Victoria Hutchinson 12thMittens because they keep my hands warmer.

Lena Piccolino 10th – Mittens because my hands are touching and they stay warmer.

Christmas or New Years?

Sarah Collins 9th – Christmas because it is a time for family to get together, give gifts, and have fun!

Anya Burgerhoff 12th – Christmas because there is a lot of fun, joy, and spirit.

Make a Snowman or Make a Snow Angel?

Haley Estus 10th – Snowman because it lasts longer and you can decorate it pretty.

Darlene Black 11th – A snowman because I don’t have to lay in the snow.

Ice Skating or Ice Fishing?

Sam Collins 12th – Ice Skating because you aren’t guaranteed a fish but you are guaranteed fun when ice skating.

Richie Reed 9th – Ice Fishing because the whole experience is fun between drilling a hole, having a conversation, and waiting for a fish to bite.

Snow Tubing or Sledding?

Lou Azzato 9th – Sledding because it reminds me of my childhood and it’s a lot of fun.

Nick Barillo 9th– Snowtubing because you can be pulled and don’t need to carry the sled.

Hot Chocolate or Peppermint Mocha?

Courtney Petrilak 10th – It has an amazing flavor and usually limited edition so it is special.

Gracie Guarino 12th – Hot chocolate because it tastes so good.

Catching Snow Flakes on your Tongue or Snowball Fight?

Kristi Kromko 11th – Snowball fight because there’s more action and it is like softball.

Kate Mattern 11th – Snowball fight because it is more fun.