Just Spit It Out: 60 Seconds with Senior RJ Clemens!

Just Spit It Out: 60 Seconds with Senior RJ Clemens!

Nick: How did you start your acting career?

RJ: I started when I was 6, which was the year that my mother directed Godspell, and I enjoyed it, so I continued doing it.


N: What do you plan to be your major?

RJ: I’m majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Theater.


N: If you could be our 46th President, what would you do?

RJ: I would include more Arts programs to schools.


N: If you could meet one Broadway actor, who would you want to meet?

RJ: Aaron Tveit. He was in one of the first musicals I fell in love with- Next to Normal.


N: What is your dream Broadway Musical that you could be in?

RJ: Phantom Of The Oprah as the Phantom himself.


N: As the final question, I ask this- Do you have any future dreams for the Drama Club? Do you believe anybody could meet your legacy?

RJ: I feel that the Drama Club has a long future, since every year we’re finding opportunities for kids to be opened up the Theater Arts. I  feel as though anybody could replace me, since we’re finding new people.