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Film critic Nicholas Valentin clues you in on the movies you should rent next.

The winter season is rolling around the corner, so sit back, relax, and watch The Polar Express!

The Polar Express captivated the hearts of children and adults with fantastic graphics, beautiful songs, and an amazing adventure that all kids will remember. The major reason why the movie rose to success is the new technology they used new performance-capture technology, which now holds a Guinness World Record or the first of its kind.

The movie also boasts a wide cast of 25 people, which includes the minor characters, like the elves. The main kids, whose names are “Hero Boy”, “Hero Girl”, and “Know-it-all”. Josh Henderson, Nona Gaye, and Eddie Deezen voice these three characters. The only problem they had with the voice acting is the point that Tom Hanks voices five characters! People will look over that, but they do think that Tom Hanks could have been cut for one or two of the characters he played.

If people wanted to know, the performance-capture technology was one the most thrilling aspects of the movie, in my opinion. Motion capture technology, if you didn’t know, is the technique of recording patterns of movements digitally, which is used mostly by actors in movies or video games. I’m sure that when people saw the movie and didn’t know about the tech, they believe the producers were highly talented to make them have a feel that looked that nice! Some people didn’t like the movie, though, but most thought the tech was revolutionary, even if it was a little clunky at times!

This movie, based on a book written by Chris Van Allsburg, is a Christmas story about a boy who has reached the age where he starts to doubt the belief of Santa Claus this season. On a Late Christmas Eve, he tries to hear the sleigh bells of Santa Claus, but instead hears a thunderous noise near his window! He goes outside to find a train in the middle of his road. The boy, awestruck by the train, goes on to reach the North Pole(Spoilers!). When they do arrive; after many complications, the main character gets the 1st Christmas present, a sleigh bell from Santa’s sleigh. The movie ends with the child find the sleigh bell under the tree, and, even as an adult, he still believes in Santa.

The Polar Express has inspired to kids to believe in Christmas, even if they are 15 or 17. If you ever do have the time, go to your local box office, your Netflix account, or just pull out an old CD, and watch this movie! Sure, some people don’t believe it’s a fantastic movie, but, as they also say, “Seeing is Believing”. So, when you get the time, the screen will tell you this: “Welcome aboard the Polar Express.” So, get your popcorn and soft drinks ready, The Polar Express is available on DVD, CD, or Netflix this season. Watch it today!