What superstition or Halloween legend do you believe in?

Cassidy Asinski, Staff Reporter

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“When you walk out of the house and walk back in, you need to look in the mirror for good luck.”-Celeste Orchard, 10th grade


“Halloween reminds me of ghosts, and they scare me.”-Gavin Lamberton, 12th grade


“A black cat passed my path as I walked under a ladder and broke a mirror.”-Ed Sledzinski, 12th grade


“I strongly believe in ghosts and luck is very unlikely.”-Emily Kosciuk, 11th grade


“I wear the same eye black every football game.”-Derek Mason, 11th grade


“I do not believe in spiritual beings at all or luck.  Everything happens by chance, not luck.” -Jamie Bryan, 10th grade


“I do not believe in spiritual beings.” -Mr. Collins, teacher


“I like Halloween because reapers revenge time.”-Matt Henneforth, 10th grade


“Spirits are alive everywhere, not just during Halloween.”-Ezra Tetreault, 11th grade

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