Teachers Look Back on High School Days

Courtney Petrilak, Staff Reporter

Math teacher Mrs. Carey greatly enjoyed her high school days right here at Western Wayne!

What did you enjoy most about high school and why? What high school did you attend? In what year did you graduate?


Mrs. Carey – graduated from Western Wayne in 1984

“I enjoyed just having my best friends there with me because we are still best friends.”


Mr. Butler – graduated from Bishop Hannan in 1985

“I really had fun being part of the high school boys’ basketball team.  I liked the competition… being part of a team… and being fairly good at it I guess.”


Mrs. Masankay – graduated from Forest City in 1989

“I think I enjoyed being with the same people for the last four years and making memories.”


Mrs. Flynn – graduated from John Bowne High School in Flushing, New York in 1978

I enjoyed being with my friends simply because they were my friends, and my teachers were very uninvolved with their students.”


 Mrs. Sandrowicz – graduated from Bishop Hannan in 2001

“I loved the theatre program. I met all my friends there, and I loved acting and singing. I just loved it!”


Mrs. Morgan – graduated from Carbondale Area in 1976

“I liked going to dances and most enjoyed writing for the newspaper. The staff ran a contest to name the newspaper. When the students voted for their favorite, they chose my suggestion,  The Paper Chase.”


Mr. McClure – graduated from Western Wayne in 2000

“I enjoyed being with my friends. Some of those relationships have lasted 20 years or more.”


Mrs. Rush – graduated from Western Wayne in 1994

“What I enjoyed most about high school was FBLA and being involved in school activities like volleyball, softball, and cheerleading.”


Mrs. Sledzinski – graduated from North Pocono in 1980

Art teacher, Mr. Justin Hayden, was voted Most Artistic in his senior class, way back in 2005!

“I most enjoyed school dances. I loved my math classes and my teachers, lunch and hanging out with friends and socializing. I was involved with the band and played the violin. High school was so much fun I wish I could do it over again!”


Mr. Hayden – graduated

from Western Wayne in 2005

What did I enjoy most? Art class!  That’s probably kind of an obvious.  I enjoyed being there with along with my wife!”