Rebecca Boots, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Jessica McLaughlin is an English Language Arts teacher.  She advises color guard, and drama club, and every year takes on the huge endeavor of the school musical, and drama club. 

Mrs. McLaughlin graduated high school from Valley View in 2001 and then furthered her education by studying English communication and philosophy  at the University of Scranton. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 2005.  She then completed her master’s degree in secondary education in 2009 also from the University of Scranton. Mrs. McLaughlin studied English and philosophy abroad during her junior year of college at Oxford University in England.

Q:  How difficult is it to juggle English Language Arts, color guard, drama club, and the musical?

A: I love doing all aspects of my job. Just like student athletes manage their time, I manage mine better knowing the time frames I have to get everything done.

Q:  How did you end up at Western Wayne?

A: I interviewed at Western Wayne, and it felt like a great fit for me. I worked as a reporter for two years and then studied at the University of Scranton in graduate study before I was hired at Western Wayne.

Q:  Would you ever consider switching gears and writing for a popular magazine?

A: I wrote for The Times Leader in Wilkes Barre for two years. It was a great opportunity where I wrote stories about local politicians, performing arts groups traveling through the area, and many stories about the people in the local community. I’m glad to write as our school district’s public relations officer for the local  papers now about Western Wayne, and I wouldn’t want to write about anything else.”

Q:  What is the greatest achievement you have accomplished?

A:  When I decided to go into education I envisioned myself teaching English, coaching color guard, and working on school musicals. I’m really happy to get to do , every day, what I love.

Q:  What is your favorite thing about Western Wayne?

A:  I love what a close community we all are. I enjoy working with students in class and in our performing arts programs. It’s awesome to see how the students develop over the years both academically and on stage.

Q: For color guard/band what theme from the past and what themes would you like to see come up? Why?

A:  One of my favorite field shows was super heroes and villains. Our Star Wars light saber routine was awesome to choreograph and well received by audiences. One of my favorite musicals was Seussical. I got to choreograph in so many styles that year.  I believe there were 26 dances in that show. I would like to work on a number with an umbrella as a prop in color guard. One of my favorite plays that I did in high school was HELLO DOLLY, and I would love to do it here. It’s a funny show with a variety of male, female roles.

Q:  What current musical would you like to see on Broadway?

A:  I would like to see Hamilton and Dear Evan Hanson. I have listened to the music so many times for both shows and would love to see each one on stage.

Q:  What are some of your favorite hobbies?

A:  I love to choreograph for color guard and musical. I like to listen to songs lyrics and figure out what movement works best with them. I also love to read on my Kindle. Reading helps me to relax.