Excitement Grows as Color Guard Readies for Homecoming

Members of the WW Color Guard were excited to perform at the pre-Homecoming Pep Rally.

Rebecca Boots, Staff Reporter

Members of the WW Color Guard is readying for Homecoming by practicing and getting hyped through the pep rally to be held during 7th and 8th periods and  by attending the annual tailgate party after practice. Member Rebecca Boots asked some members about their plans for the event, and all fo the students had the same sincere answer, “I’m just excited to perform!”

”However Addie Treibley said her excitement was based on the fact that “Homecoming only happens once a year.

The squad’s advisor, Mrs. Jessica McLaughlin, said she was most excited because of the addition of bows and glitter spray for everyone’s hair and eyes.  “I”m also excited because we have really nice uniforms for our performance and because we perform in front of a large crowd.”

The Color Guard hopes our student body and fans are just as ready as they are for the big game.