Senior Survey: What Are You Most Looking Forward to as You Begin Senior Year?


Senior Lucas Scott is most looking forward to varsity soccer with his teammates.

Leonard Maiocco, Staff Reporter

Jill Dudley 12th grade- “I look forward to starting the next chapter in my life. I am excited for college and to meet new people and experience a change.”

Evan Coons 12th grade- “I am most excited for Spirit Games because it’s fun and the seniors always win.”

Jess Madden 12th grade- “I look forward to spending time with my friends before going off to college. I want to make the most of my last year and have fun with my friends.”

Luke Scott 12th grade- “I am most excited to play varsity soccer in front of the student section. Seeing my classmates supporting the team gets me motivated.”

Maddie Godfrey 12th grade- “I look forward to applying for colleges because I’m looking forward to see what my future holds.”

Caroline Trygar 12th grade- “I’m most excited to figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are so that you can find a career path that I will enjoy.”

Mitchell Herzog 12th grade- “My wrestling season because its my last year and I want to make the most of it. I really want to leave a mark my senior year.”

Johnny Barcarola 12th grade- “I look forward to making the most out of my last year in high school by making memories. I am also very excited for the golf season.”

Dan Peral 12th grade- “I am most excited to get to know Enrico and enjoy playing soccer with him my last year of high school.”

Adam Bond 12th grade- ” I am most excited for senior skip day. I can’t wait to have a free day off of school.”