Sophomore Matt Henneforth Experiences Thrill of the Hunt


Matt Henneforth poses with the black bear he hunted on father-son trip.

Hannah Elbert, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Matthew Henneforth is not only an advanced athlete who plays for the Varsity boys’ volleyball team and for the varsity boys’ basketball team, but in his free time, he enjoys hunting with his dad. Matt has recently went on a trip in September to go on a bear hunt.


Q: What age did you begin hunting? What got you started?

A: “I started hunting around 8 years old. My dad was the one who got me started.”

Q: Where was this hunt?

A: “Maine; Bingham, Maine.”

Q: How did you go about tracking the bear? How many hunters were in your party?

A: “We ended up tracking the bear with the help of the dogs. There were 5 people in my party, including me.”

Q: How was it decided it was your bear to shoot?

A: “It was originally an older guy’s bear to shoot but he let me shoot it instead.”

Q: How much did the bear weigh? What kind of bear was it?

A: “It was a 135 pound black bear.”

Q: What is most challenging about the sport of hunting?

A: “Taking your time. It is all about patience considering it’s such an adrenaline rush when you first see the animal.”

Q: What were your feelings when you first realized you had shot the bear?

A: “I was super happy and excited but also nervous that it was going to attack me.” As he laughs.

Q: What would be your response to someone who tells you hunting a bear is inhumane?

A: “Hunting isn’t for everyone, but I love it”

Q: What would be your response to someone who tells you hunting ANY animal is inhumane?

A: “Of course people have their own opinions and I hunt to eat and not just for sport. If you try hunting, you might end up liking it.”

Q: What advice would you give to a fellow teen about going for big game like this?

A: “Definitely be calm and do not overthink it.”

Q: What is your ultimate dream hunt? Who would you want to hunt with?

A: “My dream hunt is shooting a big grizzly bear somewhere up in Montana. I would bring my dad and Brian Field. ”