Sophomore Making Name for Himself on and off the Court

Zach Rovinsky proves himself a leader

Sophomore Making Name for Himself on and off the Court

Gary Geinitz, Staff Writer

Zach Rovinsky is the new stand out all-star for basket-ball this season. As an incredible player, Zach had earned the All-Star title as just a sophomore. He is a force to be reckoned with on the court, and has an amazing score rate, one of the best in the area. Most people would further agree that his skillsets are incredible important to the Western Wayne Boys Varsity Basket-Ball team, which is proven through his starter status on the team.

Just this season, Zach Rovinsky led Lackawanna Boys’ Basketball Conference Division II in points per game (ppg) with 17.1 ppg and helped lead team to a 10-12 record after previously having six straight twenty plus loss seasons. He shares this accomplishment with his team, as he agrees he would not have been chosen without their help and support on and off the court. In his future, he would like to play Division I college basketball at an ivy league school, preferably the University of Pennsylvania, or schools such as Syracuse, Penn State, or Binghamton. He would also like to continuously improve throughout the rest of his high school career and help lead the team to a district championship and possibly a trip to the state playoff. His ways of improving his game are specific and designed to increase strength, accuracy, and speed. As such, he weightlifted consistently through freshman and sophomore year, putting on an incredible fifteen pounds, as well as constantly on the court to improve his skillsets. Through this routine, he drastically improved his ppg from 12.7 during freshman year to 17.1 as a sophomore. Zach furthermore learned what it’s like to be committed from the upperclassmen this year. He states “three seniors on the team saw limited playing time, but were always at practice practicing their hardest and were always very supportive during games”. Quite clearly, Zach is a very professional player.

Although an incredible player as of now, Zach Rovinsky still has two seasons of varsity basketball to look forward to. He plans to continue his training routine and better himself as much as possible. He believes that being an All Star doesn’t signify an end, and must continue to improve his game in order to have a shot at D1 Basketball at his desired colleges. Both an amazing player and person, Zach Rovinsky is, simply put, the best of both ends.