Ultimate Frisbee Flies above the College Crowd

Coach Anthony Zoppi expresses pride for yet another promising season

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Ultimate Frisbee Flies above the College Crowd

Aileanna Hutchins, Staff Writer

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The Western Wayne Ultimate Frisbee team has been bringing their all this season. As a team who competes against mostly college-level teams they’re scores have been astounding; a very close loss to Wilkes 10-9 this fall and a similar close loss to Adelphi University 5-3 in the spring. They practice every week on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and the effort shows. Just recently they beat ESU 13-2, their first win against a college team in over four years and the largest landslide win in the team’s history.

The team’s coach, Mr. Anthony Zoppi, is glowing with pride for his team, “this year they have been really competing well against college teams”. They’ve been competing well enough that he bet his pride on it- he’d sport Tony Stark inspired facial hair if they managed to win against a college team. And with this last victory against ESU the team clenched their victory and Coach Zoppi clenched his razor.

Team senior Holly Oppelt is proud to have such an outstanding senior season even though, “it’s sad because we’re a whole big family and you’re kind of leaving your family.” Indeed, many seniors have similar feelings about leaving behind their ‘Frisbee Family’ and all the great success’ they have had together. Senior Bethany DeGroat says, “If I could become a super senior to stay on the team I would,” and, “I don’t want to leave my second family- especially considering how strong they’ve become this year”.

Seniors like Bethany and Holly plan on continuing to play for community teams in the area like the one Coach Zoppi plays in named

‘The Melon People’. Still others plan on joining their chosen college’s Frisbee teams come the new semester.

With more games and skirmishes to come, the team is still polishing their skills and bringing their best. Team leaders Alex Marks and Dillon Dante are pleased with the progress they have made and are looking forward to improving even more in the future. Marks is proud to say that the team “has a lot more enthusiasm and dedication” and that they “can continue to improve on loving our sport because we all love what we do!” He says that his team’s success is a point of great of pride, “It feels great to know that my team got better with my guidance. It’s a one of a kind feeling.” Dante shares similar sentiments, saying that, “it feels great to be out there with a successful team. It brings a lot of pride knowing we beat a college team and it shows what high schoolers can really do.”

There’s no doubt that the Frisbee team is a point of great pride for both its members and the school as a whole. With any luck their winning streak will continue due to all of their hard work.