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What Am I Made of

Zoey Goldman, Contributor

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What Am I Made of

by Zoey Goldman


I am made of many things,

Of long summer days mixed with spring games,

Of falling asleep in the burning heat.

I am made of making wishes on a bed,

Of dirt roots and bugs,

Of a sassy crack of a bat with the crowd cheering, bring

One home.

I am made of the call of nightmares.  I am so scared

Of blocking things out when no one is there.

I am made of singing in the rain with fields of blooming


Of fresh cut grass on a long day’s end,

Of sweating in the blistering heat as I run from an

Outrageous beast, which I am stuck with every day inside

Of me,

Of going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house filled to the

Brim with happiness and cheer,

Of forgetting my past and remembering the future.

I am made of benevolence and perseverance,

Of a walk to the pond and letting go on 329 Tisdel Road.

I am made of long bike rides to clear my head,

Of nature singing in my ear as I fall on my rear.

I am made of forgetting people judge you by appearance,

Of dreams to touch to stars

Of struggles to sing in front of a clutter I always shudder,

Of troubles to do work at school yet I get surprised by a

Rainbow of friends to help,

Of just putting those colors on you can never break the


I am made of dancing in the moonlight; yet I’ve got no

Hoops for my home

Genius with sports with my friends by my side.

I am made of a free spirit among the stars and family one way or another.

I am made of a free mind and body that shine.

I am made of a never taming self-controlling demon.

I am made of glitter,

Of a lying truth.

I am a creation first sculpted out of clay,

Of little cracks throughout my body.

I am made of little whispers I can’t seem to get out.

I am made of blurry lines that I can’t see clearly enough.

I am made of glass that too many people seem to keep


Of silk strings a fragile painting,

Of things people don’t understand.

I am made of an everlasting song.

When it comes to what I am made of I think hard that no one

Tells you what you’re made of. You have to find it.

I am made of me.

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