Jake Pasake Is on Fast Track to Leaving Legacy at WWHS


Jake Pasake is leaving a name for himself by breaking multiple school records in track and cross country.

Alex Featherman, Staff Reporter

Jake Pasake is not a typical high school athlete. Throughout his high school career, Pasake has achieved a significant amount of athletic achievements, currently holding many of our school’s records in track and field and cross country. As he explains, “In 10th grade I was 58th in States for cross country, and my junior year I improved to 12th in states and 5th in districts.”   In addition to these district and state awards, Jake also holds the school record for the fastest 2 mile time for cross country (9:53) and five additional track and field records including the 1 mile, 2 mile, 800, 4×400, and 4×800. Along with daily workouts, Jake said diet is key to his performance. “I try my best to best to maintain a healthy diet, cutting out junk food and sugars,” he explained.

Jake is hopeful all of his efforts and outstanding accomplishments will earn scholarships in college where he is likely to continue his athletic career throughout college as well.  He plans to attend either Shippensburg University or East Stroudsburg University to major in physical education.

Although being a student athlete is difficult, Jake does his best to balance extra-curriculars with his academic work.  For any student athlete, it can be hard to find the time to study or do homework.  For that reason Jake said he prefers to do his homework in study hall.  “That way I can have more time at track and cross country,” he explained.  In fact, anyone looking for Jake during the day knows to look in the gym.  “Jake has a standing pass to go to gym during study hall on days that he doesn’t have homework,” his study hall teacher Mrs. Marianne Morgan said.  “He’s known for his commitment to his sport, and he’s talked to me about how his coach, Mr. Collins, has inspired him to do well in his classes as well as in track.”