Cheerleading Can Be Dangerous, but WW Practices Safety Precautions

WW cheereaders wow the crowd with a mount that has been designed with both fun and safety in mind.

Courtesy of Desiree Mecca

WW cheereaders wow the crowd with a mount that has been designed with both fun and safety in mind.

Desiree Mecca, Staff Reporter

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Cheerleading may not seem like a dangerous sport, or a sport at all for that matter. However, it ranked number one for the most catastrophic female sport and number two overall. It is ranked so high because of the injuries and even fatalities that have gone along with it.

You may ask yourself, “What makes cheerleading so dangerous?” The answer is stunting and tumbling. Stunting is when a cheerleader goes off the ground onto another person or people. For instance, a “low” has four people, a flyer, two bases, and a back. The flyer jumps into the bases hands and the bases push the flyer up just a bit above their chests. The back supports from behind. Now this is one of the simpler stunts, but people can still get hurt. Even from that height, if a flyer is dropped they can have serious injuries.

As for Western Wayne Cheer, the sport and safety is taken very seriously. To get a look into the safety of the squad, Tabitha Stanger (Senior/Captain) and Abby Black (Sophomore) talked about how the squad prevents injuries.

Western Wayne is safe using these precautions, says Stanger: “We use mats, have to be supervised by a licensed coach, we train our girls to know all necessary safety measures before anyone goes up into a stunt and we have spotters(girls who stand around the stunt to make sure the flyer doesn’t fall). We have a ‘no flyer hits the ground’ rule. There is hardly any reason a flyer should hit the ground with three people supporting one girl.” She then goes on to saying there have been minor injuries which comes along with every sport. For Tabitha, she has done four years of varsity cheer and the injury rate has remained the same. According to Stanger, the Western Wayne Cheer squad has an excellent for injuries. The rules are greatly followed. To top it off, the squad still does extreme stunts that look spectacular.

As a new member of the Western Wayne Cheer Squad, Abby Black also feels the same way about safety. She says, “The squad is very precautious and careful when it comes to stunts. If something in a stunt goes wrong, there is always someone there to help.” Since it is her first year of cheer, she has not witnessed or experienced any major injuries. “To improve, we should know the logistics of the stunt before a flyer even goes up in the air.” While Black believes the safety is decent, she thinks there is always room for improvement.

Overall, Cheer safety is a crucial part in the sport. Western Wayne Cheerleaders are well educated about this topic in order for our squad to stay injury-free. It is probably the most exciting and upbeat sport out there, but if not for safety, there would be no cheerleading.

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