Fashion Students Redesign Wedding Dresses

Jessica McLaughlin, Public Relations

Spending hours working to create the perfect wedding dress sounds like the kind of challenge famous designers featured at Kleinfeld Bridal take on to please their brides.  Students in Western Wayne’s Fashion II Class worked for about three weeks on a Wedding Gown Remake Project in which they took gowns donated to the school and redesigned them based on the style of professional wedding dress designers.

Seniors Kayla Fitzpatrick and Cailin Brown worked on this very challenging project.

Kayla’s original dress had a lot of length to it in both the front and back.  She decided to turn her dress into what she described as a “Modern Victorian” style.  She kept much of the train length but shortened the front of the dress to about knee length.

“The biggest challenge I faced in my redesign was working with the beading on the dress,” she explained.  “You have to be careful to not pull a string or it could be ruined.”

Kayla also redesigned a veil for the dress.  She took it off the headband it was originally on and put it on a choker necklace so that way it would be like a cape to go with the wedding dress.

“When I saw the veil I thought it was just too pretty to get rid of,” she said.  “So I decided to turn it into a cape-like veil because I just love the cape trend and thought it would make the ensemble look more modern.”

Fellow classmate Cailin explained that she wanted her dress to be the type of gown a bride could wear on the beach in the summertime but still be somewhat formal.

The dress she started out with had many layers of fabric.  Cailin decided to shorten the gown to about tea length and kept some of the back train.  She also added a pink ribbon around the waist.

“If there weren’t so many layers it would have been easier to work with,” she explained.  “I still plan to work on the dress more before showing it in our spring show.”

Both of the girls will have students model these wedding dresses along with a variety of other pieces that will be a part of their respective senior collections.

At Western Wayne, students in Fashion II have the honor of showing parts of their senior collection in an event the entire high school gets to see called “CAT” Walk in honor of the school’s mascot the Western Wayne Wildcat

Kayla and Cailin’s senior collections are completely opposite of each other but still have the same amount of creativity and imagination.  Their collections are in the early stages with the girls drawing storyboards, gathering fabrics, and draping designs.

Kayla’s collection will be an avant-garde style.  Avant-garde fashion is very modern and characterized as experimental and unorthodox.  Kayla explained how she loves to make unique pieces.

Her senior collection will feature pieces that are red, white, and black with gold accents.  She is especially excited about her design for a pair of red pants with flared legs.

Kayla, who wishes to study fashion design at FIT next year, has also been working on a die project for her collection.  She is trying to create a black and gray color to represent the color of a storm.  She explained that one of her favorite designers Alexander McQueen inspired her idea for this part of her collection.

Cailin’s project will feature colors found in nature.  She described her collection as “earthy and edgy with a modern touch.”  Her favorite piece that she has been working on is a flowing earth-toned skirt.

Cailin’s theme suits her since she plans to study forestry in college and wishes to join the Air Force.  Her dream career is to be a conservation officer and she hopes to continue working with fashion design as a hobby.

The girls’ teacher Mrs. Colleen Carmody is very proud of the girls’ work so far.  She explained how working on their senior collections is an extended project that involves classroom and teacher critiques and a lot of revising and planning for what goes into each piece.

Both Kayla and Cailin are off to a great start to their year in Fashion II with their wedding dress projects that would surely make any lucky bride say yes to their dresses.