An Open Letter to President Trump


Danny Booths, Guest Editorialist

Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump,

A wise man once said, “Make America great again.” This casuist is you, and you have inspired many with your charismatic and entertaining speeches. This has been proven along with your prowess in the business field by accumulating a self-net worth of $4.5 billion.

Before the accumulation of your $4.5 billion self-net worth you came from a modest background and attended a military academy from 8th grade year and through high school. You once told a biographer this taught a lot of discipline saying it gave “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.” This built the discipline and the maturity to take over the family business, then to shock the world and turn it into a million-dollar company.

After you turned the business into a multi-million-dollar empire you founded a charity called the Donald J. Trump Foundation. This donates money to many other charities or organizations such as the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation, the New York Presbyterian Hospital, the Police Athletic League and the Clinton Foundation.

After you showed your kindness by founding the Donald J. Trump foundation, the biggest and most inspirational achievement of your exceptional career was when you turned the tide of our country and American politics by changing the opinion of the American public in your favor. In fact, you achieved the highest accolade in America, the Presidency by receiving 307 electoral votes compared to Hillary’s 227. This will be the biggest role you will play in the fate of mankind as you change the course of the world.

Thank you for inspiring all of us and making the greatest country on earth even better.


Danny E. Boots

WWHS Junior