6-foot-3 Freshman proves to be a Rising Star for Boys’ Basketball: Meet Zach Rovinsky

Maya Black, Staff Reporter

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Rising Star freshman Zach Rovinsky has made his way as a valued player for the Boys’ Basketball team with big ambitions.

Though this is Zach’s fist year playing on the Boys’ Varsity team, he has been playing basketball for over seven years. Being on the team this year has changed his whole basketball experience. “It’s fun, a good experience, and different from everything else I’ve done” he says. Zach gets along with the boys on the team very well and they have taught him new things and fundamentals. He expects to win at least ten games this year alongside his amazing coaches and team. Zach has made The Times Tribune All-Tournament team and has scored lead points in the tournaments and games. Besides being on the school team, Zach also plays travel basketball, has dreams of playing college basketball and becoming a part of the Boys’ Volleyball team this spring.

Zach is dedicated, hardworking and won’t stop until he gets to success which is why he is the pick for rising star for the winter season.

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