Letters to the Editor- Feb. ’17

Dear Editor,

Technology is a large part of our everyday lives.  Whether it is watching television, texting a friend, or looking up information, the need for technology is growing rapidly  Most schools only allow students to do their research on laptops provided; however, students have their very own source of information at the touch of a finger.  The prohibition of phones from school is preposterous.  Cell phones provide quick contact with family members in emergencies, as well as simpler methods to retrieve and save information when compared to school laptops.

Laptops provided in school are often a hassle.  It is time-consuming when everyone in the classroom must grab one, log in and then research.  There is always the recurring issue of student logins not working which takes up even more time.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to simply pull out your own phone to work?

There is always the concern of students getting distracted or using social media. That is a simple fix.  Restrictions can be put in place to prevent this from happening.

Using cell phones in school will save us time as well as help students feel more comfortable by having an easy way to contact family in case of emergency.  Information will be found at a faster pace, and the school environment will improve with the content feelings of both teachers and students.


Cosette Talarico