WW Throwing Team Dedicated to Excellence

 The throwers who are referred to by many as “Bombs Over Varden” consist of Luai Hassan, Jacob Brodowsky, Evan Coons, Cole Fuller,  Zoey Rosensweet, and Derek Ortman (not pictured).

The throwers who are referred to by many as “Bombs Over Varden” consist of Luai Hassan, Jacob Brodowsky, Evan Coons, Cole Fuller, Zoey Rosensweet, and Derek Ortman (not pictured).

Evan Coons, Staff Reporter

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Being great involves a “commitment to excellence”. This winter has certainly been a commitment to excellence for the Western Wayne indoor track and field throwers. They have been working nonstop to achieve greatness for the winter as well as for the spring. They have been grinding, hustling, and putting their blood sweat and tears into the Western Wayne weight room for the past three months and counting.
The throwers who are referred to by many as “Bombs Over Varden” consist of for the men: Derek Ortman, Luai Hassan, Jacob Brodowsky, Evan Coons, and Cole Fuller. The girls consists of Zoey Rosensweet. Zoey Rosensweet commented on the upcoming season. They are the unsung heroes of Western Wayne track as they spend day and night in the weight room even when the rest of the team has off. Even over Christmas break the throwers had to wake up and go to lift at eight in the morning! They are led by throwing Coach Dave Piwowarczyk who has produced many great throwers in the past such as Jake Nagle, Matt Witt, and Tyler Bergsma to name a few. When asked about this upcoming year Coach Dave said about the boys that “I feel a little optimism on the boy’s side. I’ve got a couple seniors coming back in the discus that I hope should perform well. I’m hoping that all three should end up on the top five board. I have Cole Fuller coming back in the shotput, who I think should throw over 40 feet easily. I am still looking for javelin throwers however”.
As is right now, Zoey Rosensweet is the only girl coming back to throw. Her comments on this were that “Hopefully I won’t be the only girl when outdoor season rolls around, we are always looking for teammates to help out our team in the throwing events”. She also is a senior at Western Wayne, throwing for her last year here. Her thoughts on this is “I’m really excited for my last year of throwing, I’ve put in lots of time and effort and I’m hoping to break the record [discus] this year”.
For the girl’s side who at this point is just Zoey Rosensweet the throwing Coach said “On the girl’s side, I am really excited. I have a senior girl coming back Zoey Rosensweet who should perform very well at the district meet. I am also looking for her to break the record for the discus and get in the top five board for the discus. She is a very hard worker, puts a lot of work in the weight room, and in the weight room as do the boys. As in Evan Coons, Jake Brodowsky, Luai Hassan, and Derek Ortman. They put a lot of time in the offseason with the weights”.
This time in the weight room would be ill spent without a good workout. Coach Dave talked about his workout briefly saying that “My workout comes the Jim Wendler offseason program. I don’t do it football specific, I gear it more towards track and Olympic lifts. A lot of my stuff came from Kutztown’s University coach, Coach White, and also from Coach Boronsky from NEPA fit club, I’ve seen some amazing gains in my nine years of doing this” The workout for the throwers is a workout that produces amazing results as Evan Coons deadlifts 415 pounds so far this year and Jacob Brodowsky benching a whopping 285 pounds, as only sophomores! This workout makes you muscles work harder than they have ever worked, but also allows them to heal as the workout is on a five day cycle. This workout has two upper body days with two days in between and two lower body days with two rest days in between. They get worked strenuously but then are given days to recover and build muscles.
The Western Wayne throwing team is in the grind this time of year, but still needs more people. Boy’s javelin throwers and girl’s throwers in general are welcome here. If you are interested in joining please see either Mr. Collins, the main track and field coach, or one of the throwers. But most importantly, be ready to grind.