Letters to the Editor, Nov. ’16

quill-finalDear Editor:

The fact that we are not allowed to have phones in school is really frustrating.  Something definitely needs to be changed.  I understand  that they are a distraction, but I also know that they are helpful.  In fact, cell phones are  being used in many schools to help with vocabulary words and to help students remember they have homework.  This is something our school should really take into consideration.  Cell phones can also be used for safety as well.  Just say there is an emergency about yourself or in the school; if you are not able to get to a phone in time, it would be very safe to be carrying your cell phone.

A way we can fix this problem is to possibly have a meeting outside of school to try to come up with ideas to convince the school administration to change this rule.  If they allow phones in school, there just might be better grades from students due to setting reminders about doing  homework and searching for definitions to vocabulary and study terms.  We need to work together to make this change.

There would not be as many students in detention either, if phones are allowed, for the simple reason people will not need to hide their phones.  Please consider this change.


Brianna Trutt

Dear Editor:

The issue of women not being equal to men has been a worldwide phenomenon for many centuries now.  From women not having the right to vote in America in the early 1900’s to women being continuously assaulted in 2016, the issue is still at large.  One in every five women are raped in college, and 63% of the assault is not reported to the police.  Is a world where women are constantly put down a world that you want to live in?  It is time that citizens take a stand for what is right and defend women so everyone in this nation is equal.

There are many strategies that this world could use to help women become equal to en.  Attitudes within communities need to change.  If people had the right attitude that women are no less than men, maybe they would truly believe that  it is not right to assault and harass women in their community.  Behaviors must change.  If more people took action and treated women with respect, this entire issue would come to a halt.  The  affects that these acts of violence have on women impact them forever, and  no woman deserves to be treated as if they are of less value than a man.


Mia Giordano

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